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Haunted House

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The Haunted Halls

A Haunt For Hire

Amazing Attractions will install a complete haunted house at your business, home or any facility. If you need us to, we can even set up a tent on your property. We will supply all the scenes, the decorations, animated and static displays, the props, the costumes, the masks, the makeup and the magic. You just have to supply the place and the actors…or you can hire our actors if you desire.

This isn’t the kind of haunted house that you might remember from school. This is a complete turn-key dark attraction that will amaze your guests as much as it will scare them. Whether it’s a show for small children, a family event for adults and kids or a strictly adult affair that might be a little too intense for the kids, we can help

Our imaginative production team is staffed with professional theatrical artists including actors, magicians, illusionists, clowns (both good and evil), jugglers, stilt walkers, and acrobats. We have a talented resource of illusion designers, costumers, makeup artists, scenic artists, prop makers and choreographers ready to customize a show or event to suit your special needs.

Do you remember what you did LAST Halloween? If it doesn’t spring to your mind right away then whatever it was, it was not memorable. The Haunted Halls is the kind of event that everyone will remember all year long. When we haunt your business or home, you and your guests will have the kind of experience that will still be talked about years from now.

Amazing Attractions will create Haunted and Magical “scenes” as well as build a maze and provide the costumes, special lighting, sound and special effects and actors. Most importantly we will provide a safe experience.We provide the scenery for the Haunted Halls including static displays and animated displays. This will be a first class scare that matches the sophistication of the participants.

Scenes include black light rooms and endless halls that will serve to slow down the traffic of the customers and prolong the enjoyment of their haunted adventure. Other scenes will include magic illusions, coffin viewing rooms, a grave yard, a bone yard and more. Hopefully, the entire walk-through will last at least 10 minutes. Groups should be limited to around 5 or 6 people so they can get the full effect of the attraction. The displays will reset quickly to get ready for the next group. In addition to providing a good scare, we hope the customers will ask “how did they do that?” This is why we will be adding elements of magic into many of the displays through the use of various illusions.

All in all everyone will have a fun and safe experience.