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summer reading program 2015

Summer Reading Program 2015

Thank you for asking about our summer library programs. We are looking forward to coming out to entertain the families at your library.

Dal and Cinde Sanders along with the crew at Amazing Attractions have been producing events in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and around the country for over 20 years. We help plan and execute events from start to finish. Working with the companies and individuals to ensure their event will be forever memorable. Planning venues, dates, entertainment, décor and then executing the plan from start to finish are all services we provide.

Objectives for summer reading program 2015:


  • To produce a quality, highly visible festive atmosphere with positive, fun and outstanding events along with entertainers that are theatrically sophisticated and present a relaxed and fun atmosphere for all who participate in the festivities.
  • To be a one-stop shopping provider and to provide everything needed for all events.

Summer Reading Program 2015 Descriptions

Seussology 101 – is a very popular show performed by the Cat in the Hat’s sister – “Sister Cat”. It is a 45 minute show that promotes reading and performed mostly in rhyme. Also included is magic, music, puppets, audience participation and fun. Great for families and children ages up to about 3rd grade.

DinomaniaDinomania – is a show based on Dinosaurs and performed by “Safari Cinde”. It is a 45 minute show with a lot of audience participation, magic, puppets and mostly music. At the end many of the kids get up in front and are in a band led by “Baby Dinostar” (an adorable baby dinosaur puppet). Great for families and children ages up to about 3rd grade.

2015-04-24_1348_001Pirates, Parrots and Pieces of Eight  is a show that encourages reading performed by “Sea Captain Cinde”. It is about 45 minutes and has a pirate theme. It includes magic, puppets, audience participation, music and the production of a live bunny rabbit at the end. It is great for families and children ages up to about 3rd grade.

2015-04-24_1349Boopsie’s Magical Day  is a fun show by “Boopsie the Clown“. It has a lot of magic, audience participation, music, puppets, physical activity and most of all fun. It is about 45 minutes and great for all ages.

2015-04-24_1349_001Wild About Books  is a puppet show that encourages reading performance by “Safari Cinde”. It is a 45 minute show for families and children up to about 6th grade. It ends with the production of a live bunny.

2015-04-24_1349_002The Magical Mysterious Suitcase Science Show – exciting and amazing experiments are performed are fully explained so the kids can go home and duplicate them. The 45 minute educational and entertaining program is recommended for older audiences and uses scientific principles such as Physics, Static Electricity, Mathematics, Cohesion and Adhesion, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Balance and Gravity

2015-04-24_1350Dal Sanders Magical World –  is performed by Magician Dal Sanders. It is a 45 minute show with magic, audience participation and fun. It ends with the levitation of an audience member. It is great for families of all ages.

Professor Mago of Hogwarts  The Dean of Recruitment is visiting the muggle world looking for kids that might have a little wizard blood in them. This 45 minute show is full of fun, interactive magic that makes the kids look like they are the ones responsible for the amazing things that happen.This show encourages reading while promoting self esteem among your young audiences



OK, we’ll admit it. We have done all kinds of shows in the past. We have done Magic Shows, Clown Shows, Puppet Shows, Juggler Shows and even Mime Shows but, we had NEVER done anything2015-04-24_1401 like this before. In fact, we’re pretty sure that no one has ever done anything like our new interactive board game using a giant game board, giant dice and members of the audience as game pieces as well as players. This delightful game is simple and easy to play for children of all ages. The crowd is divided into four groups Red, Yellow, Blue and Green and then players from each group are selected. Each team will roll the giant dice and the player who is the game piece will move square by square to the number shown. If they land on a square with an arrow, the child will move to the designated square. Once they get to where they are going, the child will get a card with either a question about favorite books or a task they must do. The simplicity and the see-sawing nature of the contest will make it exciting to demonstrate the audiences knowledge about reading:

2015-04-24_1401_001Balloon art and face painting – We provide professional face painters and balloon artists for special events like carnivals, kick off parties, wrap up parties, and other gatherings.

Strolling clowns, jugglers, stiltwalkers and magicians – We provide professional clowns, jugglers and magicians for special events like carnivals, kick off parties, wrap up parties and other gatherings


Holiday Shows


2015-04-24_1402The Magical Monster Mash – A show based on the fall season and Halloween. It is not scary and is fun for all ages. Includes, magic, music, audience participation and fun.

2015-04-24_1402_001The Magic of Santa – A show based on the Christmas season and the Winter Season. It has magic, music, audience participation and fun.

Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits – A show based on the Easter and Spring season. It has magic,music, audience participation and fun.  There are live rabbits produced that the children can pet at the end.

Fully Bonded & Insured:


Dal Sanders and Amazing Attractions carries insurance coverage with Specialty Insurance Agency. Covered under this policy is $3,000,000 commercial general liability coverage including $5,000,000 general aggregate, $5,000,000 products-completed operations aggregate limit, $3,000,000 each occurrence limit, $3,000,000 personal and advertising injury liability limit, $100,000 fire damage bodily injury and property damage, $300,000 tenant legal liability (each fire), $10,000 medical expense limit (each person), $20,000 contents. Since the entertainers are hired as contract labor per appearance, they provide their own Workers compensation and automobile liability insurance.


Ask about our other feature entertainment opportunities including: