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Top 8 Tips for Planning a Perfect Birthday Party

How To Plan a Perfect Birthday Party


kids birthday party entertainment cakes on display1. Plan ahead

  • Start early, it’s attention to details that makes the difference
  • Allow plenty of time to prepare, make a list and shop smart.
  • Things are hectic when party-time approaches so say organized.


2. Choose A Theme

  • Figure out what  The Birthday Child is interested in?
  • Choose an appropriate and creative theme and stick with it.
  • Create festive party invitations, atmosphere, decorations, scents and music to fit the theme.


3. Create Invitations

  • Written or hand made invitations are a great idea. Even if they are created on a computer with special personal touches.
  • Try to make them fun and different.
  • Let the Birthday Child help create the invitations
  • Use your personality but don’t forget the basics like who, what when where and how.
  • Tell your guests when the party starts and when it will end.
  • Let your guests know what kind of attire is appropriate.


4. Choose A Location

  • Home parties are the best, but sometimes the event or number of guests will call for a different location.
  • When planning a party at home, make sure the neighbors are aware of the plans and can prepare for the disruption in their neighborhood for the few hours. This is especially important with parking arrangements.
  • When you hold the party away from home, be sure that the planner knows exactly what you want. Follow all details step by step.
  • For home parties atmosphere is important. Stick with the theme for decorations and use scented candles or simmer cinnamon and citrus on the stove for a delightful aroma.


5. Food

  • According to your theme and kind of party this will vary, but always have finger snacks conveniently placed throughout the flow of the setting.
  • Choose foods that complement each other and will be appealing to a large group of people. If there are kids and adults make sure you have foods that both groups will like.
  • Make sure you have planned enough food for everyone to be satisfied with their share.
  • Don’t serve gooey, drippy or food that will stain when dropped on floors, carpets or furniture.


6. Drinks

  • Make sure you have plenty of drinks for everyone.
  • Make sure you have drinks to fit your theme as well as drinks appealing to all guests.
  • Make sure drinks are placed where everyone knows where they are.
  • Self serve drinks are best, but if you have a server make sure you have enough so there will never be a line or waiting.
  • You can never have enough ice.
  • If serving liquor for the adults, remember you are responsible for the safety of your guests so do not encourage excessive drinking and do not let your guests drive while intoxicated.


7. Music, Lighting and Entertainment

  • Creative lighting can contribute to the atmosphere. Replace some bulbs with colored lamps or low wattage bulbs.
  • Play appropriate music softly in the background, especially as the guests arrive.
  • Live kids entertainment is always a plus. It is a special touch. Live Magic, music, clowns are always entertaining and memorable.
  • Make sure you book the entertainment early so you can get the best available.
  • Make sure you communicate exactly what is expected with the entertainment
  • Make sure you have plenty of space for seating, standing and watching as well as enough space for the performer to perform.


8. Other Things To  Consider

  • Parking is always a problem. Do something to try to alleviate the problem. Talk to neighbors and ask if the guests can park in front of their houses, arrange for parking in an empty lot, etc.
  • Have some spot remover on hand for accidents and when they happen (because they will happen) quietly clean them up and move on.
  • Scented candles and extra toilet paper is always a good extra touch in the bathrooms.
  • Disposable dinnerware and tableware helps keep things clean throughout the party.  There are all kinds of theme and formal disposable dinnerware and tableware available.


If all of these guidelines have been met, you are ready to enjoy your party, relax and have fun.



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